Advocacy Consulting

Emergent Savannah Consultation Guidelines

Emergent is a non-partisan organization that brings a wide range of issues and ideas forward in Savannah. We do this in a way that energizes and engages people from all walks of life and encourages them to become more involved in civic and political life of our community.

It’s not uncommon for people who attend one of our events to say to us “You should….” and then describe an advocacy or community building action around the issue that the event focused on. Our role is to bring the issue forward at the awareness level rather than at an action level.

This year we are bringing a new strategy forward. Emergent Savannah can offer our help in the form of consultation to a person or small group of people, who have decided to organize and take action around an issue.

Here’s how it works.

You come to Emergent Savannah with an issue that you feel is important. We consider the issue, how it fits into the Emergent Savannah model and mission statement and decide to include it in our schedule of events – or not.

If we decide to include it in our work plan we respond in the following ways

  1. We can create a Monday Means Community program around the topic. This gives you a platform to share an issue.
  1. We can create a World Café around the topic. This gives you a way to build constituency around the topic.
  1. We can meet with you, hear your issue, and offer to help you with framing the issue, co-creating a strategy, help you identify local allies and other key players and develop a constituency. The issue is YOURS. We simply offer some organizational and strategic guidance on the front side and help you move towards action.

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