Half mobile art-project and half community conversation generator, the LOVE/DREAM project asked citizens of Savannah what it they LOVE about Savannah and DREAM for Savannah. Drawing on quick and easy ways of communication, the LOVE/DREAM project took a few sticky notes and pens and went to all sections and public places in Savannah for one year-from the A-Town Festival, Art March and Earth Day, to West Savannah, Elementary school classrooms and the Savannah Youth Ambassadors program.

The LOVE/DREAM project started when and where Emergent Savannah did-The Sentient Bean. For our first month, we asked everyone who came into the Bean to leave their own responses on the walls for the entire month of January. We then used the responses to generate our first ever World Café’s, where we asked citizens how they would make what they loved and dreamed about actually happen.

The LOVE/DREAM project was an intentional way for Savannah citizens to visualize what it is that Savannah does best and how to preserve that, as well as what we can do better and what ways there are to move this forward. By collecting responses across Savannah, we identified trends in what it is that the general community wants rather than what we feel divides us. When we build a community influenced vision, we hope to change the fabric of Savannah, moving us into the future, while still preserving what is integral to the vitality and culture of our city.

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Welcome to the Portable Love/Dream Pack! Print as many copies as needed. Fill out. Send back to Emergent Savannah or email us to schedule a pick up date. Check out the link here.